Karl Rove attacks the Tea Party kooks.

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Re: Karl Rove attacks the Tea Party kooks.

28to70 wrote:

JoeDaBassPlayer wrote:

The Tea Party rose up when the bailouts began. They were the voice of the people opposing crony capitalism. They support the constitution as well.

If this is what nutcases do, then maybe we need more nut cases. The issue is that the establishment, whether Democrats or Republicans who are not conservative, is to oppose anything that comes against big government and their crony capitalism.

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I agree with you Don. The Tea Party was a legitimate group of both Democrats and Republicans that have had enough of Bush Obama and the neocon ilks like Karl Rove. Unfortunately it was infected by the 5th columnists that have a grip on this nation and completely taken over and discredited with the label of kooks!

The 5th column are the elite banksters that own our goverment and all our treasonous politicians. But then I myself will be called a fringe kook just like Ron Paul and Paul Craig Roberts.

But I ask, who are the people that are leading this country towards the abyss? Well it sure ain't the poor, or the African Americans, or the vanishing middle class that just wants to survive, or the unemployed, because we have absolutely no power. So if it "ain't" us, then who? Well, it doesn't take a brain to figure by deduction that if it ain't us it must be the people in power!

For the morons that still have not figured this out: The people that are destroying us peasants for their own greed are the International Banksters that control the Federal Reserve, American banks, our government and politicians, and most major corporations, and the military and its "agencies."

I do not know if it is quite that organized a conspiracy. I do know that there is a considerable amount of manipulation and crony capitalism going on. The Tea Party hit some nerves and needs to be taught a lesson. The right wing religious extremist name is one that resonates with the low information public, so it is an easy way to demonize those who may stand in the way of evil.

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Variance is Evil!

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