What lens(es) are you anticipating the most?

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Re: What lens(es) are you anticipating the most?

primeshooter wrote:

I see people are wanting a 20mm like me. What I would say though is many want it to be an f/2. I wouldn't mind this at all, but remember that sometimes a wide angle is designed to be on the slow side for a reason. Someone said no point in a 20mm 2.8 redesign as have 14-24. I disagree. 14-24 already shows weaknesses on the D800. It's easier to design an exceptional lens that's wide angle when it is a bit slower, for various complex optical reasons!

I want a 20/2.8 for using it the way I do now, but with much much improved optical performance.

I put up with the soft corners (wide open) and sharp center because the lens is light and compact.

Most of the time I don't want to carry my 17-35AFS (which is much better at 20mm than the prime is) and my light weight kit is something like 16/3.5 FE, 20/2.8D, and 50/1.8G, etc.

I don't need f/2 (though it would be nice to have if it didn't bloat the lens size/weight & price - which it most certainly would) as f/2.8 at 20mm is plenty fast enough for the vast majority of situations that I'd use it for. What I want is for the center two-thirds to be sharp and vastly improved corner performance wide open. I'd love it to be very good to excellent in the corners at f/4.

Doesn't need to focus fast so no IF nor VR please!


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