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ryan2007 wrote:

JamieTux wrote:

Hello all - I know that this forum quite often talks of equivalence and I've got my head around most of it - BUT I've just been trying to work out if telephoto compression is caused by the length of lens or angle of the field of view. I think it's FOV - but I don't have any teles in m4/3 to test yet - can someone with more experience of long lenses on a smaller format let me know?

Thank you!

This may have been said various ways but here it is.

Their are different things going on at the same time. Use this as a mental image.

You are in an open space and the only thing occupying it is a barn or tree whatever, one 3 dimensional object with nothing else.

You are standing 30 feet from the object.

You have three lenses that are equivalent in Full Frame or call it what 35 mm film camera used to be.

24 mm, 50 mm, and 200 mm for micro four thirds you do the 2x conversion making it a 12 mm, 25 mm and 100 mm for the physical MFT's lens. Nikon & Canon that are not full frame have different conversion factors.

I will use MFT's focal lengths and you can just 2x it for the Full Frame no conversion factor detail.

One example is to take both hands and place them on the side of your head like your going to play, Yes Peek-A-Boo (how cute) So as you open you hands its a wide view, close them and the periphery disappear and close them more and more disappear. That is like your angle of view.

Take each lens the 12 mm it is a wide lens, 25 mm is normal, and 100 mm telephoto.

the 12 & 100 exaggerate things to opposite extremes.

Now Take the 25 mm or normal lens and physically walk to the tree or barn and the periphery will start to disappear. If you do the opposite and walk backwards you get more in the frame.

What is interesting is two things. The barn or tree whatever stay the same size. The lenses used can make it look farther or closer. Same if you add the Moon in the photo, it will look closer or farther depending on the lens but its not.

Another extreme example is to take an ultra wide lens and while looking on the camera tilt it up or down OR extended your arm. The UW lens changes perspective like a fun house mirror.

The aperture stuff adds in something else that is completely different.

Now that was one of the best obfuscation posts I have ever read.

Well done!


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