Is this bird picture any good??

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Re: Is this bird picture any good??

starman1969 wrote:

Already posted on another thread which seems to have died a death.

Lens used was an old Tokina AT-X 300mm f2.8 manual. I usually stop down to about f5.6 for better sharpness.

C&C welcome.

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They are watching us......

It's quite a nice picture, this Blue Tit is showing a typical pose, it's quite sharp with reasonably accurate (even if somewhat over-saturated) colours although the lighting looks harsh - presumably via flash.

There's nothing much that you can do about the harsh lighting after the result but here some technical issues that could be fixed or improved with a little re-processing:

1. There is too much contrast and saturation resulting in the white cheeks looking almost glaringly white and the breast feathers in shade losing all detail. The wing feather margins  have a rather "haloed" effect due to the harshness of the lighting.  The colours look a little over-saturated and contrasty compared to the real thing for my taste. So in the interests of accuracy I would suggest toning down the contrast and saturation at least a little.  However from an artistic POV others might disagree!

2.  The balance of the lighting draws the eye to the brightly lit log which isn't really the subject.  I would post-process to reduce the brightness of the log.

3.  The background has a quite noticeable and distracting technical defect called "posterisation" causing the appearance of a delineated banding effect (more noticeable when viewed at original size rather than the web downsized version).  Should be easy enough to fix using a little re-blending in Photoshop though.

4.  This is a matter of taste but there is slightly too much empty background for me so I would probably crop the whole picture down a bit.

Nice effort though.


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