Plus 1 or Plus 2 Sharpening anyone?

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Re: Plus 1 or Plus 2 Sharpening anyone?

nixda wrote:

Richard G T wrote:

I'm currious if anyone here sets their X-E1 to Plus 1 or Plus 2 sharpening while shooting jpegs. I shoot with the 18-55 lens and find the image sharpness - when shot at the default setting - improves greatly when sharpened in post processing. Would there be any advantage to add sharpening (1 or 2) in-camera before taking the shot? Do you add sharpening in-camera above the default setting?

Many thanks...


It so much depends on what you want to do with the pictures, view onscreen only, print them, print them large, etc. I generally turn sharpening all the way down to -2 to avoid any bias or artifacts, then do the sharpening in PP depending on my intended output.

I'm interested in printing large. I'll try the -1 or -2 in camera sharpening sharpening. It seems to be the popular option here. Many thanks.


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