NEX-6 lens blackout/reset bug

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Re: NEX-6 lens blackout/reset bug

it has to be a problem with the electric mount connection.

every once in a while when this reset bug happens, it seems like there is a warning message that flashes on the screen -- too fast for me to see. well one time, the message lingered long enough for me to read. it was something like "lens not recognized." so i googled that warning message, and found that people who were trying to use legacy glass on the NEX6 were getting the same error message, until they enabled the "release w/o lens" option in setup.

so i enabled that setting, hoping it would fix the problem, but it didn't. what it DID do though, was allow me to take a picture when the reset bug was actually happening, and i uploaded the picture here: (sony nex-6, 18-55mm kit lens)

check out the exif information. the focal length is listed as 0mm, and there is no aperture information. ie -- the nex body can't recognize the lens.

in contrast, another picture taken with the same camera/lens setup, just a few moments later, shows that information in the exif:

so i think it's clear that what's happening with the "bug" is that the camera body is briefly unable to recognize the lens for some reason. people probably experience this more with zoom lenses than prime lenses because you end up touching a zoom lens more, and possibly jostling the contacts.

for FURTHER evidence, please watch the video i took of my nex6 displaying this behavior:

notice that the bug tends to occur when the lens is being zoomed or otherwise jostled. the really crappy thing is that when the bug occurs during video, it just ends the recording, so the video will end without you even knowing. it's like we have the REVERSE problem of nex7 users accidentally starting the video record without intending to.

lastly, for those who think this is only a problem with nex6, check out this post from 2010 from nex5n users:

same exact problem.

so question is, how can we get sony to fix this? is it a problem with the contacts on the body? on the lens? both?

my problem is, the nex6 is mine, but the 18-55 lens i'm using on it is one i bought from craigslist, so i don't know if they will service the lens.

i don't have my prime lenses with me righ tnow so i can't test them for the same bug.


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