Need some info on Nikon 14-24/2.8 glass

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Re: Need some info on Nikon 14-24/2.8 glass

Positives and Negatives on the 14-24 on a D800E are:

The lens is sharpest at 15mm, weakest (relatively speaking) at 24mm. Personally I do not use the 14-24 at 24mm due to it's slight quality drop here; I use the 14-24 as a 14-21mm zoom of sorts, and as a backup in case my 24/1.4G (which is my primary 24mm lens and much better at 24mm) goes down.

Flare is an issue, particularly when the sun is coming in from the side angle. Not as bad coming in from the straight on front angle.

No filter capability really.

The image quality is stupendously good at the wide end of the range; in the range from 14-20mm it can compete with anything else out there very well, which is amazing for a zoom. Yes, at 21mm there are things a Zeiss 21 does moderately better, but one can buy and use a 14-24 and be assured they have pretty much the best or second best available option at any focal length in that 14-20mm range. Really only the Canon 17, the Zeiss 21 and at the wider apertures, the Zeiss 15 can beat it, and none of those are a zoom.

So if you're thinking of it mostly as a 20-24mm option, I might not recommend it on a D800E, but if you're thinking of it as a super wide, to be used where it is VERY strong (14-20mm), it's a solid recommendation.


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