“Full Frame Equivalence” and Why It Doesn’t Matter

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Re: “Full Frame Equivalence” and Why It Doesn’t Matter

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Read it, don't agree. I can only imagine that the author must be a noob who has never owned a camera in another format. Equivalence is an extremely useful concept if you own cameras in multiple systems and often need to figure out just what to use for a shot. Even for one-camera folks, it also comes in handy if you ever decide to dump your current gear and go to a larger or smaller format.

This attitude reminds me of compact camera owners who have no idea about millimeters and prefer to think in terms of "X's of zoom" (3x zoom, 10x zoom, etc).

you either didn't read it or didn't read the whole thing, the author cleary mentions he's shot with all the common formats before and mentions the usefullness of knowing the equivalence.

Then why the ridiculous title? He's just trying to be provocative to get hits.

The content is technically correct, but it's quite biased, downplaying the advantages of FF and bolstering the advantages of smaller formats.

It's funny that there's really no need to be biased like that, since m43 does stand on its own without the need for the drama.

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When I read it I saw the major FF advantages clearly listed first, and they're big advantages. He rightfully mentions the m4/3 pro's as well which are rarely mentioned anywhere.

How is it a ridiculous title? You mentioned in your other comment how you choose the GH3 for certain things, the point of the article is that photographers know the tradeoffs of smaller formats. It's simple as that.

I think it's ridiculous because of course it matters!   There are a subset of cases where the differences are minimal, but I think it's important to understand the advantages of each.

Yes, it listed the advantages of FF, but then goes on to say why "it doesn't matter", downplaying those advantages in a Ken Rockwellian kind of way.

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