Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: Have you considered the G1X?

Rod McD wrote:


I don't know if you will be able to sort out any issues with your own RX100, but if you can't, and want Canon's highest IQ, least noisy, compact camera, the G1X is it. Period. Don't believe me - check out the DPR comparison tool. It's zoom range is similar to the RX100 (28-112 FF equiv).

Despite the G1X's IQ, not everyone likes it - it's one of those cameras that polarises opinion. I do. It has a terrific lens/sensor/image engine. It's very well featured, and is reliable and glitch free. Its AF is very accurate but with the drawback of being somewhat slow. Between shot times in AFS are longer than average. So, it won't do sports and action well. It also doesn't focus to macro without an accessory, but if you use the Canon 250D close up lens it's as good as any DSLR with a kit lens. It's definitely not pocketable. If you can live with these few limitations, it excels as a travel/landscape/hiking/general purpose camera. There's no better IQ short of going to an APSC compact system camera, and none of them is as small as the G1X with the lens retracted for carrying.

Cheers, Rod


As usual your posts are sensible, precise, and non-abusive. They stand apart from the cattyness, sarcasm and ridicule that often appear in these threads.

And I agree entirely with this particular post, based on my own experience with the G1X, which mirrors yours.



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