“Full Frame Equivalence” and Why It Doesn’t Matter

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Re: “Full Frame Equivalence” and Why It Doesn’t Matter

When I'm shooting M4/3 I look in the EVF and adjust the camera to what the shot requires (or try).

When I'm shooting APS-C I look in the OVF, press maybe the DOF preview button..or in familiarity with the lens..set the F-Stop to what I have an idea it will do for DOF.

When I'm shooting film (which I still do sometimes since it's the only FF I can afford and already have) I do the same as APS-C. DOF preview and knowledge of what the lens will do at a given F-Stop - a person does get a "feel" for it after a while.

Equivalence does provide a more technical basis for cross format shooters. It does give an idea to those entering from another format, or for information as to "why" in a technical, gear oriented forum. Why there are differences. What the advantages/disadvantages of a format are (even if they are becoming less in the real world). It is handy to know that diffraction for example rears it's head sooner in M4/3 (but then DOF for practical purposes is greater at a given stop).

I agree that while shooting, a person doesn't think of much but getting the shot with what you have in hand (or on a tripod). But it's OK to know what the differences are and try to learn why...which I'm still learning.

I think the title of the article was a little bit inflammatory, much more so than some of the content.

My two cents in a trillion dollar world.

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