New sensor tech coming from Panasonic

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Thanks! But I'm sceptical...

Thanks for the link, very interesting!

I'm a little sceptical about just how revolutionary it will prove to be in the end.  Three red flags:

1. We've seen a simpler approach that didn't work - CMY arrays.  You do notionally get more SNR at the image pixels but then you lose it in the color space transform.  This could very well have similar problems.  And it is a bit worse, color spatial information is sent to different pixels requiring more demosaicing work that could also reduce the theoretical benefits of more photons at the photodiode.

2. Acceptance angle could be very sensitive.  The question would be is it any worse than for current micro-lens designs.  If it is then look for edge and wide aperture performance problems.  On the other hand modern lenses are already rather telecentric so it might be a non-issue.  I don't have the experience to know.

3. If you read the press release carefully it sounds mostly like a software/algorithm design story.  Algorithms that will make it feasible to efficiently design these concepts, not much word on manufacturing itself.  That said, it appears entirely focused on sticking with mostly common fabrication techniques so that is a good thing.

So definitely a cool idea, and neat to see someone working on it.  But I wouldn't get too excited about seeing the technology any time soon, or expecting it to work miracles, or expecting it not to have some other trade off to deal with.

Again, thanks for the link, interesting read (which is exceedingly rare around here these days).

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