Canon 6D or 7D for indoor sports (volleyball)

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Re: Canon 6D or 7D for indoor sports (volleyball)

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Ok, so please forgive me for asking a question that I'm sure has been asked way too many times. I just stressing out because I have read too much!

All I am looking for is a dslr camera for my daughters indoor volleyball games. I am just starting out and have a lot to learn. I just want a camera that will give me a nice clean shot, no blurryness. I just recently purchased the Canon D6, based on what I have read I think I should have ordered the D7 even though it's an older model.

Any input? Please......

Sports (fast action) with not so great lighs (indoor, artificial lights) is the hardest combination!

More than camera, you need a fast fast lens.

For Volleyball look at primes like 50mm or 85 depending on how close to the action you are.

Fast 1.2/1.4 or 1.8 lens is best. But you can make do with a 2.8 - but no worse than that.

Crank up ISO to the highest, set lens at it's widest and hope to achieve at least 1/500 shutter or faster. Don't worry about noise - it can be reduced later. If you want a nice clean shot of serious action (like a spike with the swing) you need even faster shutter speeds (1/1000 is not unusual for that)

Experiment and see what you get ... 7D would give you a larger burst rate - it's the workhorse sports camera this side of the 1D series.

EDIT: Would recommend 7D for this usage -- larger drive rate (7fps v/s 4.5), better AF system.

6D is full frame - so would have better noise performance - but 7D would be better for your requirement

Thanks for your response, I have alot to learn! Today is the last day I am able to exchange it. Seriously considering returning for 7d

I shoot sports with a 7D, including volleyball. I would NOT return the camera.

Like I said in my previous post, volleyball is not particularly demanding on the focus system of the camera, nor does it require long focal length lenses (reach) and these are where the 7D excels.

Where volleyball is demanding, is that it is played in poor gymnasium lighting. This is the environment where the 6D is better than the 7D.

If you also plan on shooting softball, baseball, soccer, and football, then get the 7D.

For volleyball, keep the 6D.

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