Nikon vs Nokia ?

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Re: Nikon vs Nokia ?

The 41MP sensor actually has a couple tricks up it's sleave. First is that it's a little larger than what the Lens can work with, but this is so that 4:3 ratio picture and 16:9 ratio videos will have the same apparent field of view... in reality only about 38MP of the sensor is used at a time. Next is what you do with those pixels. Generally the camera will deliver an 8MP image (there is a high res mode that will give you all of the MP), it uses the extra pixels to either 1) average several pixels together to reduce the noise (similar but not exactly the same as the concept of pixel-binning), or 2) allow you to zoom in without loosing detail. Having 38MP means you can crop in to have a pretty decent "digital zoom" and still end up with a 5-8MP image. The digital zoom aspect is important for a cellphone because most cell phones have no zoom, being it adds size to the phone.

Of course the pixels are packed tighter together and will have more noise and dynamic range issues, the lens will have difficulty resolving detail that fine, and without an f/0.1 lens you won't have much ability to get a shallow DOF, but you will have a camera phone that is better than many other camera phones out there. And while a camera phone will not have the flexibility, control, and higher image quality as a D800, you are more likely to carry the camera phone everywhere and if you see a great shot and your D800 is sitting on a shelf at home, the camera phone will have to do. "The best camera you have is the camera you have with you."

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