7D AF in AI SERVO (photos included)

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Re: 7D AF in AI SERVO (photos included)

TTMartin wrote:

From what I recall Spot AF is NOT recommended for AI servo.

AF expansion should have been fine. What focus mode was used in this series of photos?

The photos did appear to be fairly consistently back focused, which would lead me to believe you may have a calibration issue.

What drive mode were you in?

Have you made any changes to the AF system in the CnF s?

In the third video there is an in-depth discussion of the Canon 1D MkIII focus system, which the 7D inherited. All 3 videos are worth watching, but, as a minimum watch the 3rd one.

Part 1 of 3: A Look at The Canon Autofocus System

Part 2 of 3: A Look at The Canon Autofocus System

Part 3 of 3: A Look at The Canon Autofocus System

I used the "manual AF Point" (selected the centre point).

As I mentioned in previous post, I calibrated my lens just day before. But as you say, it seems like there is backfocus issue - the strange thing is, why is there a sequence of fairly sharp photos? Doesn't seem consistent

In CnF I got this:
- AI Servo tracking sensitivity: 0
- AI Servo 1st/2nd img priority: 0 AF priority/Tracking priority
- AI Servo AF tracking method: 1 Continous AF track priority
- Lens drive when AF impossible: 1 Focus search off

Thanks for the vids, will check them as soon as I can, although I believe I know the theory quite well (I've seen numerous vids and read a lot of articles about the subject).

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