What the best used canon I can get for $200 give or take.

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As a backup camera, I would consider a Canon 1N 35mm film SLR. I picked a low shutter count like new one a couple years ago for around $100. A camera like the 30D isn't going to give you much more than ISO400 anyway.

For a thrash camera, I'd recommend the Canon XTi. Same sensor as the 40D, and it's small and light weight. Coupled with a 40mm pancake lens you can carry it in a coat pocket.

You couldn't pay me to go back to film. I started out with it in the mid 90's and had delusions of grandeur about having a B&W lab in my basement. Digital came along and changed all that, thankfully.


A few years ago I picked up a couple EOS Rebel film camera bodies for about $10 a piece thinking I'd like to dabble in film after a long absence. After 3 or 4 rolls of film I quickly snapped out of it and the film bodies are packed away.

Then there was the film scanning project that I thought about, now that was delusional!

I wouldn't go back to film on a regular basis either. But, for a backup camera that you don't plan on using, but, is there if you need it, a film SLR is certainly capable of fulfilling that role.

Paying for the development and scanning of a dozen rolls of film shot because your main camera failed isn't a big deal. Would you want to have that expense for every shoot, NO!

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