Will is see a significant improvement in low light shots between the LX3 and LX7?

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Re: Will is see a significant improvement in low light shots between the LX3 and LX7?

craigcunliffe wrote:

Hi Folks. I have a LX3 which get a lot of use in low light pubs and bars for photographing music acts. A difficult question I know, but would it worthwhile replacing a perfectly good LX3 with an LX7? Am I going to see a significant reduction in noise, has the image stabilization been improved and does that f1.4 lens really make a difference? Thanks.

The sensor is now CMOS rather than CCD, which is more sensitive to light. That and the f1.4 (as opposed to f2.0) may give you two stops worth of advantage. I would bet they improved the processing of noise as well (new processor), and so maybe three stops worth in total in terms of noisiness - that is you get more light from the lens and sensor so you need lower ISO, and thus get less noise, and for a given ISO also less noise). But this is theory (I have an LX7 and it is superb in low light, no LX3).

The stabilization on the LX7 is now Power OIS, as opposed to Mega OIS. That is supposed to be better too, so you can shoot at lower shutter speeds. Let's say that gives another stop advantage so now we are up to four stops advantage maybe over the LX3.

The LCD has much higher resolution as well. The autofocus is also much faster and more assured.

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