Nikon vs Nokia ?

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Re: Nikon vs Nokia ?

grampaeddy wrote:

OK, granted the well size or physical dimensions of each pixal will be smaller. But, look at what gets crammed onto APS-C or 4/3 when rated at 24mp. You'd think the high 41mp would give better resolution even if exposure took longer (smaller well size fewer photons hitting it). The cameras and sensors keep getting smaller (FF down to MFT) but this phone issue is perplexing. I can see slowly releasing new gear to keep profits flowing. But to have a 41mp phone out a year before a hot new 16mp camera is a bit too much. More people need to get their eye off the veiwfinder and look behind them (to see who's after your wallet).

No.  The physics of small pixels and small lenses get in the way with diffraction and resolving power of lenses.

DXO Labs is starting to quantify this issue by trying to provide an objective measure of resolving power for lenses on different sensors and the differences on larger sensors are dramatic.  Like if you compare the 70-200 f/4 on a 16MP D7000 vs. a 16MP D4, you get 40% more resolution out of the D4.  Or looked at it a different way, the resolution drops by 40% when you reduce the sensor from FX to DX for this particular lens while keeping the pixel count the same.  Clearly you can see there's a lot more to this than just pixel count.

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