Matching a lens to a camera - focusing speed help

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Re: Matching a lens to a camera - focusing speed help

Thanks for the replies.

All I could show you is a picture in focus shot at 160th on the sigma and one shot at 400th out of focus on the Nikon which would prove nothing really.

I shot around 10,000 images last year so I know this lens doesn't focus as fast as my last one but if I give it Nikon with the camera for matching will it make a difference?

Can anyone explain what Nikon would do and if this would make a difference to my focusing?

Shutter speed has nothing do do with focusing accuracy, although both focus errors and low shutter speeds can cause blur (different kinds of blur, and for different reasons).

I've tried the 70-200 VR II on my D600, and it is a very, very fast focusing lens. In AF-C mode, it kept up with badminton players even if they came in fast and close. It's a little better than my 80-200/2.8 AF-S, which is a very fast focusing lens already. I didn't spend much time with that lens, but sharpness was also very good. It's at least as sharp as my 80-200/2.8 AF-S at short to medium focal lengths, and is noticeably sharper at 200mm.

If the camera is consistently focusing behind the subject, or consistently focusing in front of the subject, you might want to do some controlled test shots of a static target with the camera on a tripod. That should let you know if the lens needs fine tuning.

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