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Re: So, what is the recourse for a forum member when mods go bad?

gollywop wrote:

Biggs23 wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Let's say that a mod is out-of-line, and you have evidence of their actions. What is the next step?

You have four options.

1. Contact the mod you have a disagreement with via PM and discuss the problem and possible solutions. This is the best course of action and should always be your first step.

2. Contact a different mod within the same forum and give them any information you believe to be problematic. It's likely that the problem can be discussed and resolved privately between mods. This step should NEVER come before step #1.

3. You can contact DPR's admins. Keep in mind that unless there is obvious abuse of power or violation of rules you probably won't see a response or 'solution'.

4. Grow up a bit and pretend the forum is real life. Avoid posters you have disagreements with and be civil to all. (This step is recommended behavior ALL the time!)

You were doing great until you got to number 4. Just couldn't resist, huh? Had to go into parental mode.

Unfortunately, the reality is that the majority of squabbles come because people choose not to act online in the same way they would in real life. It's a shame that I have to mention that but if people followed step 4 all the time there would be virtually no need for a mod. It's not about 'parenting', it's about acknowledging reality.

Beyond that, while I don't know what's on GB's mind, he wasn't trying to deal with (or be in a position to avoid) a poster; he was concerned about a mod. And when a mod's a mod, he/she ain't a poster.

I would be willing to bet that the problem originally stemmed from an interaction he had with another poster. If not there would have been nothing for the mod to take action on.

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