Poll: Is intelligent/ programmable Auto ISO an important feature for future FW updates?

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Re: Don't Care

NumberOne wrote:

If by adjusting the exposure you - rightly - mean Aperture + Shutter Speed, you have (full) Manual Mode, or Manual Mode with a good designed/conceived Auto-ISO (which includes EC); minimum Shutter Speed with Auto-ISO is only useful for Aperture Priority Mode.

As easy as that!

By adjusting exposure I mean adjusting exposure ;-). That would be the amount of light captured in relation to the chosen ISO value, i guess.

As i set aperture and shutter speed manually, the camera would have to change its ISO to reflect the exposure compensation I'd like to perform.

I still don't understand why there's an automatic exposure mode (auto ISO) which does not provide an option for exposure compensation.

...I'm guessing here, but maybe it was designed/conceived by someone who never took a picture, or more politely, by someone who doesn't know much about photography...

Haha. I hope not. At least the rest of the camera seems to be designed by people who think and understand a lot about photography.

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