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Re: External Mike & D800E

The type of audio recording set up will depend on what you're filming and how you are filming it. Generally it's is a good idea to get the microphone as close to the subject as possible. You can get directional mics that can help but even with those if your subject is 10ft away and someone coughs next to your camera, the cough is going to be MUCH louder than the subject.

If you're doing an interview you may want a LAV (Lavalier microphone) that goes on someone's collar that way the recording is right by their voice. If it is a conversation between several people either give them each microphones or if you don't want the mike in the scene, have a "shotgun" style mic on a boom overhead, just out of view. If possible I prefer to have a separate external recorder and maybe plug some mics into that. Then your camera's internal mic will record poor quality sound, but it will be useful for automatically syncing up externally recorded audio later.

Olympus LS-10 is a great recorder and very tiny. It has good quality microphones built in and you can attach higher end mics. The Zoom H4D is also good, a little bigger but has higher end XLR ports for attaching external mics. Both are battery powered and you can hide them in your scene if needed, or you can attach better quality external mics.

If you get serious about recording you may want a 2nd person to do the sound recording, having headphones on and adjusting audio levels so they don't blow-out while while you are dealing with the camera.

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