Against the grain of these forums (separation of subject etc.)

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Re: Against the grain of these forums (separation of subject etc.)


This is a reply to the OP not OldArrow (as I agree wholeheartedly with his post)


With all due respect (really), your point seem to me like the debate critics had when the impressionist, cubists, pointillists added their way of seeing things to the art community back in the days.
The thing is, art is what it is, wether we like it or not, there are a lot of photographic styles that I don't like, but I don't have the right to say that it is "wrong" and that the photographer should have used a better technique and shot his picture the "way it's supposed to be".
I've also worked with different formats over the years (from a Brownie camera, Instamatics, 35mm, up to a 6x7, and now to the digital ageā€¦), also knew a lot of photographers, each and everyone had his/her own approach to photography. And some of them were pretty anarchic stylewise, but their work was as valid as any other who were more "classical" in their approach.
Not everything is meant to be technically perfect and as far as I'm concerned the rebels often brings new way of seeing things.
+1 On all OldArrow said in his post.
Now if your comment is addressed to a specific sector of photography, documentary archive and such, then you have a point. If not, each and everyone has a right to go about photography the way they like and want.

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