Inexplicable, F900EXR vs X100s

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Re: Inexplicable, F900EXR vs X100s

Same reason -- marketing and cost considerations.

X-Pro1 is a much more expensive camera as compared with the X-100.  Where X100 is positioned as a high-end enthusiast camera, X-Pro1, as the name suggests, is marketed to "pros".  Higher price requires better features to justify.

X100(s) is positioned against Leica X2.  X2 has a 230000 pixel rear screen and no viewfinder.  X100(s) has a hybrid viewfinder and a higher resolution screen than the X2.

X-Pro1 is likely targeted at Leica M series.  X-E1 is probably like Leica CL  -- cost-controlled, but gives access to the optics.

None of it is common sense, but probably fairly well thought-out marketing.

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