New sensor tech coming from Panasonic

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yeah, it will make the lousy Panasonic sensors almost as good as a Sony sensor.

GH3 has a panasonic sensor (and so does EM5, etc), just to remind you again :

"Panasonic: Our main priority was image quality, both for stills and movies. For our former models, the GH1 and GH2, we developed a special sensor that was a little bigger than Four Thirds. However, because we wanted to make so many improvements with the GH3, we didn't have a larger sensor available. The Four Thirds-size sensor was what was available from our sensor group."

"Panasonic: It's actually not possible to reset the whole sensor, because it's a CMOS, not a CCD. Instead, you can reset each line separately, and also read out separately. How many lines you're resetting, capturing, and then reading out at once sets the shutter speed. This means from top to bottom, the readout speed is limited to around 100 milliseconds. Of course, 100 milliseconds is longer than some other cameras like the Nikon 1, because it has only 10 megapixels, and we have 16 megapixels. Our sensor isn't specially designed, so it just scans normally."

"Panasonic: We don't publish a specification for dynamic range, but yes, we increased the saturation electron number and also improved the signal-to-noise ratio." Some people continue to hallucinate that Panasonic refers to Sony Semiconductor by using on record such wording as "our sensor group", "our sensor", "we increased".

" when we've poured so much R&D into making the Micro Four Thirds sensor so good, and you can see that in the GH3"

News sources say the E-M5 sensor is Sony, not Panasonic.

The rest of your post is Panasonic marketing propaganda. Every company is going to say "our products are the best" but that doesn't mean they are actually the best.

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