Nikon vs Nokia ?

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Re: Nikon vs Nokia ?

grampaeddy wrote:

Probably get used like a G15, GX1, OMD or any other small sized cameras. If the data recorded can match a 645 medium format for a fraction of the price. How about portability, batt life, etc. granted it wont have a 300mm ED lense. Question is why put up with 16-36mp sensors at far greater prices when a phone company gives you 41mp at fraction of the cost. Gotta ask yourself how much your paying for that brand name ! Especially, if it all comes out the same country ! If some kid on utube puts up a video or pic with phone that matches your pro gear wouldn't it make question how you spent your money ?

You're missing some physics involved here. A tiny sensor with 41MP doesn't give you even close to the resolution of a larger sensor with same or even fewer pixels. In the physics of optics, there is no substitute for larger sensors and larger optics.

The Nokia 41MP phone sensor is not even in the same galaxy as a medium format for IQ. There's so much more to it than the number of pixels crammed into the sensor.

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