Matching a lens to a camera - focusing speed help

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Re: Matching a lens to a camera - focusing speed help

ScreenByte wrote:

Thanks for the replies.

All I could show you is a picture in focus shot at 160th on the sigma and one shot at 400th out of focus on the Nikon which would prove nothing really.

I shot around 10,000 images last year so I know this lens doesn't focus as fast as my last one but if I give it Nikon with the camera for matching will it make a difference?

Can anyone explain what Nikon would do and if this would make a difference to my focusing?

If you post unmodified original photos taken with the lens it will help people see what the underlying issue is.  The most likely are either bad settings (EG VR on active instead of normal etc) or a lens that is out of adjustment.  Based on your description the lens sounds like it has front or back focus issues, with a few samples we could see if it's consistently doing one or the other.  If the lens does one or the other they add or remove spacers from the mount to get the focus point where it needs to be to match your cameras.  Or it could be you just have a lens with a busted focus motor, it could be a zillion things really but your attitude isn't going to get you any help, samples are the fastest way for us to deduce what's wrong.  I shoot the 70-200 on a D300 and I'd say my hit rate was in the 70-80% range unless I was having an off day or messed up a setting.  This lens's performance is beyond reproach so yours either has a fault or your settings are off.

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