Airbus does it again

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Re: Airbus does it again

LeRentier wrote:

René Schuster wrote:

LeRentier wrote:

Fairly soon the US will offer some god deals :

Buy one Dreamliner and get a F35 for one dollar extra, or the other way around, whatever sounds better to the marketing guys.

Hmm, can't imagine Lockheed Martin will be very amused to hear about this idea!


With the Dreamliner's battery problems and the possible need to redesign its electric circuitry, the F35's inability to withstand lighting and unable to land on an aircraft carrier in its present condition, we have two losers which are bound to end up on eBay in a twin package deal sponsored by the US government.

Well, I think both companies can build good planes.

Not sure, but I could imagine in the case of the 787, Boeing was pushing a little too hard to be on the market before Airbus with its 350 that will come this summer. Never a good idea, particularly not if so much of completely new technology is involved.

By now we are about used to being abused by car manufacturers as "paying test pilots" when deciding to buy their newest models; wouldn't like to see the same happening now in the field of aviation!


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