Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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OK, I'm confused, plus RX100 tracking focus is good

Imaging Resource measures focus time in a consistyenet way over time. DPReview was pretty consistent, but stopped reporting performance some time ago. So looking up AF lock + capture times on Imaging Resource:

Canon SD850 IS (IXUS 950 IS)

Full AF wide 0.58

Full AF tele 0.51

Panasonic LX-5

Full AF wide 0.351

Full AF tele 0.367

Panasonic LX-7

Full AF 0.228 to 0.246 (different modes)

Canon S90

Full AF wide 0.43

Full AF tele 0.49

Sony RX100

Full AF wide 0.153

Full AF tele 0.266

Lumix G5 (reputation for super-fast CDAF)

0.194 - 0.191 depending on mode

Why all the fighting? I have owned both the S90 and the RX100 and the numbers seem right to me; the RX100 locks a lot faster than the S90, as the numbers would indicate. The LX-7/RX100/Lumix G5 all have fast AF, which makes sense because the CDAF has really sped up in leading cameras over the past few years. Progress made by Panasonic and Olympus in m43 seems to be trickling down into the better point & shoots.

Imaging Resource notes slow RX100 continuous AF lock times at full aperture wide, so I tried it out to see what was going on (CDAF generally works better single-shot so I had not yet tried continuous AF).

The result is interesting! The image continuously breathes as the camera constantly diddles the focus like a hyper-active teenager. It takes longer to initially lock, but once locked it stays locked pretty darn well as the 2 1/2 year old subject runs around. It works with the tracking focus feature to identify a pattern and follow that pattern wherever it goes on the screen, quivering the focus to keep the zone in focus. Remarkably good for a CDAF system. It passes the toddler test!

I haven't used the LX cameras, but I can attest that the RX100 AF is way, way better than the S90, actually better than my (now rarely used) DSLR.

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