Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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flipping SLT !

skeys wrote:

pris, the scenario you describe above is almost, word for word, what has been happening with Pentax and their release of the K-5ii. And with that Pentax scenario has come almost all of the same arguments in the Pentax forum as we see in this forum. In each case, neither manufacturer gives out any advance information.

I wonder in how many other forums the same, speculative discussions are taking place.


indeed Sony are like that too, with strong rumors of a new FF roadmap people are wondering if the A mount will survive. Obviously FF mirrorless gives an even stronger impression that Sony have in their hot little hands a better version of hybrid pdAF, what then of Sony A mount SLT?

Well I did a little digging and found something I thought couldnt be done or unlikely to happen. Sony have a patent for flipping mirror SLT


Since Sony have been offering new A mount lens designs obviously the format is to stay, the flipping mirror provides that they get the light previously absorbed in the SLT system back, bringing them back on par with the best. Problem is this config wont fit Nex, likewise mFT, so only A mount and SLRs, if you know of any

What Olympus always needed was clear distinction/differentiation between SLRs and mFT, if we took that differentiation as performance features SLT that flips has a lot to offer

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