Is there a mode that lets me set P and A?

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Re: Is there a mode that lets me set P and A?

uhligfd wrote:

What the poster really needs to learn and practice is to pre-visalize the scenes around him/her and keep the camera adjusted to shoot whatever might come up. Very simple requirement ...

How did C-B actually shoot those decisive moments with an all manual Leica in the 1950s with what would now be low low ISO film?

Auto smazzy, auto anzzy, auto everything, who cares. As long as the poster is not willing to learn the fundamentals of the trade such as the f number, speed, ISo and light interlink he/she will never catch a decisive moment, let alone see one.

What the poster really needs is to pick up a damn brush and start painting! Not rely on technological wizardry like C-B !! Those 50s Leicas figured out the perspective for you, and all the humans had the right proportions straight out of the camera! How can you possibly visualize a scene if you dont first draw it in pencil?

But yea, as everyone pretty much said already, buy a Pentax if that mode is important to you, it works great. Otherwise get a lens with Aperture dial, and use it in S mode, it also works great (on NEX).

Besides those two possibilities, but much you can do. You can always set up ISO in 1600 (noise is rather negligible), A mode, and this will allow you to set the depth of field while always keeping the speed rather high...but it is not an ideal mode.

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