Shooting slot.... with D7000, need advice.

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hyperfocal distance and printing/viewing size

JMZ48 wrote:

Upper Antelope Slot Canyon that is... (and similar)

I did read a lot about this subject, know already what expect on location, and what equipment bring with me, also the basic camera setup, but... There are some questions I'd like to ask, concerning area of practicality of focusing inside canyon in dark place. Few folks on this forum expressed their discontent with close edges being out of focus (close walls in tight spaces). That tells me that when lenses were focused further away... let say 25-30 feet ehead, then depth of field was to short on front end. To avoid same problem I'm thinking about setting the lens "semi-permanently" for Hiperfocal setting.

Here is the setup I'd like to use:

1./ D7000/16-85 on tripod, Cam on (M) manual, Lens switch on M manual, no VR, cleaning cloth, head light w/switch. Cam set to: F11, ISO 100, the exposure adjustable as needed (1-30 sec likely by chimping). Intend to take the "photo guided tour".

2./ Immediatly prior to hike into canyon I'd set zoom lens to 16mm, set focus to 6FT and DUCT TAPE lens rings solid. There are (3) good reasons I see: - First: the "depth of focus field" will be set from as little ad 2.5 FT to infinity, thus assuring everything there in focus... (right?), - Second: Setup will not change incidently if I bump into something or somebody in darkness. - Third: tape would keep fine quartz dust from entering crevices between lens rings.

The DOF markings on a barrel do not signify the in focus and out of focus limits. Rather they are areas of 'acceptable' sharpness. The sharpest point of focus is where the lens is set to (obviously) either side of that is a progressive reduction in perceived sharpness relative to the chosen aperture.

Print size and viewing size impact on this in a positive of negative way. you can also see this is true when you have a soft looking image when printed large but 'looks' sharper when printed smaller.

What size you print/view to should dictate these settings.

I am hoping someone who has done this very scene will chime in and give you some specific help on lenses etc

What do you think? Is it sane approach?

Obviously I could remove tape at any time in seconds, if required.

Regards JMZ48

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