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Does/Did UNPOWERED Optical Zoom/Focus/Composition PREVIEW ever matter to you?

Kim Flowers wrote:

Can anyone explain to me (and I'm not starting an argument here, I truly want to know before I purchase) why many DSLR photographers won't consider the Sony SLT cameras for serious photography?

Does/Did UNPOWERED Optical Zoom/Focus/Composition PREVIEW ever matter to you?

IF SO, you wouldn't be able to do it at all with an SLT, because it must be POWERED just to 'look', never mind all the other previews more specifically for overall FoV/DoF/Focus/Composition/Framing/Zoom of the scenery you have in front and around you.

BUT if you have a dSLR, one can do all that UNPOWERED for an UNLIMITED TIME (except when it gets impossibly too dark to see at all via OVF; but in this situation one needs a tripod anyway just to shoot)

I already know how the technology is different (at least in a broad sense), but does it actually affect the results?

will how you preview your potential scenic environment ahead of time ever affect your results, or not?

I have almost purchased the Sony a57 several times but keep holding back until I've explored this.

Thanks so much.

for me, an EVF is only useful if i want to shoot in very low light, where an OVF cannot give me an 'autogain' preview. of course, if it is TOO dim, even EVF is of little use, nor the AF in such conditions; MF is the only way, but using 'portable lit references' as targets.

also, a VASS (vari-angle swivel screen) is more useful than an EVF in very dark conditions because shooting perspectives can be awkward to have one's eye to the EVF (ditto: OVF)

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