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Re: E-5, Noise Reduction - a very helpful post


this is not documented anywhere; from the experience posted over the years and over the net, consensus about the cut-off time for noise reduction seems to be 4 seconds. I don't want to put it on auto and hope that anything I shoot at longer exposures needs dark frame subtraction anyway, since I run once into problem while shooting fireworks .. I want to take the next shot but my camera is "busy", processing 7 seconds DFS, lol. My solution to this is using the presets. One of mine is for long exposure on tripod - IS is off, Noise Reduction is on, manual focus, Mirror lock-up etc. This way I switch to this mode in the same Mode - back dial operation, much faster than changing whole configuration.

One more preset is for bracketing, and third is for continuous shooting. All parameters are preconfigured, switching takes but a moment. I just wish Olympus allowed custom names for presets, would be more convenient than remembering which I put where.

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