Night Street Photography equipment...

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Re: Night Street Photography equipment...
  • Tripod
  • Cable release with shutter lock for long bulb mode exposures
  • Wide angle lens (wide vs tele depends on what you're shooting and comes down to personal preference).
  • Spare batteries (long exposure and long exposure noise reduction will suck your batteries dry)
  • Lens hood. It's easy to forget this because you think well it's not bright out. But a streetlight on a long exposure can cause just as much flare as the sun.
  • Black cards (pieces of black card stock or cardboard covered with black velvet). These can be very useful for blocking out stray light that the hood can't catch, or used to dodge bright areas by flicking it in and out of the frame on a side where the light is too bright.
  • Crack-to-heat warming packs (for your hands and for your batteries) if it's going to be cold out.
  • Foam padding on the tripod if it's metal and it's going to be cold.
  • Viewfinder black-out cap... high end cameras like the 1D line will have a shutter switch, many cameras will have it attached to your neck strap... just want to keep stray light from entering the viewfinder and fogging the image... Generally it's not a big deal as long as some car doesn't come behind the camera and shine it's head lights right into your viewfinder while exposing, but it's a tiny part and good to have incase.
  • Flashlight(s) for seeing what you're doing, finding things in your bag, and possibly doing some fill light via light painting in the foreground if needed.
  • Off camera flash with a stroboscopic mode. Again, to lightpaint the foreground if needed.
  • Gels and black masking tape to attach gels to the flash/flashlights if color correction is needed to match the scene.
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