Advice needed, Need a new telelens for my Canon 7D

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Re: Advice needed, Need a new telelens for my Canon 7D

rickpoole wrote:


I looked at the last 4 airshows I shot with my 100-400 to see how the focal lengths were spread across the zoom range.

Airshow #1 - 65% @400, the rest fairly evenly spread across 100-380 with small concentration around 100 and 275

Airshow #2 - 72% @400, the rest spread across 100-380 with batches at 200, 275, and 340

Airshow #3 - 33% @400 then batches around 190, 250, and 310

Airshow #4 - 24% @400 (was standing on tarmac for most of the show) with batches around 180, 250, and 360

From the recent ones I've shot the 100-400 is way more versatile than the 400 prime. The 400 prime will be slightly sharper and will probably focus a little faster. If you choose the prime you'll either have to switch lenses a lot or put your 70-300 on a 2nd body.

I looked at just the same thing, about 90 percent of my shots are at 300mm and looking at the pictures I've could've used some more mm's.

Large formations of aircraft are nice, but not with a 400mm prime I agree. Maybe this year a prime and next year a 70-200 on a second body

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