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Re: Einstein 640 + CyberSync questions

Hi Timzee,

I only speak about equipment I've owned and used extensively, so I cannot answer your questions about anything other than Einsteins and Paul's Cyber gear: http://www.paulcbuff.com/cybersync.php

I use his CyberCommander to control all of my lights. The only things you cannot control from the remote are the frequency setting and the channel. Makes sense that you can't control those. I use his CyberSync Transceiver in each Einstein. On top of my camera I use his CyberSync™ Trigger Transmitter because it's much smaller than placing the CyberCommander on top of my camera.

By having a CST in each Einstein I am able to control each unit individually or in groups. You can control up to 16 Einsteins from the Commander. I wear the Commander on a lanyard around my neck so it's always close at hand. I have not ever used his Bee line so I cannot speak to that. I do know that being able to control all of the functions except for those I sighted above is a real time and profanity saver. Since my studio sessions are always shot in Union shops and people are often flown out from cities around the US for the shoot, my clients appreciate the efficiency using a remote for lighting control offers. If the Art Director wants something different in terms of lighting or mood, I can often adjust it right from my position. Of course when Paul develops remote control light stands then I'll be all set! I have voice activated light stands now, they're called assistants!

Best of luck.


Hi Mark,

Thank you very much for the description of your system. Very helpful We'll be going over all of our options this month and I think the Einstein system and accessories will be high on the list.


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