M4/3 Foresight & Designs Mistakes from Past & Present

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dramatic irony

sigala1 wrote:

Everdog wrote:

Alex Notpro wrote:

originalhype wrote:

5. What's the point of E-PM series? I ask this because of $100-200 more, the E-PL series can be bought and much better to use.

... a useless flippy screen that makes it more susceptible to weather and can break off at any time?

Never heard of that happening before. Can you provide some links?

The PL5 also has a mode dial and a few more buttons.

You don't get the sarcasm there, do you?

Did you get the dramatic irony?

This type of irony is the device of giving the spectator (forum readers) items of information (those really are not issues) that at least one of the characters (my post) in the narrative is unaware of.

But it's a valid point that some people may not want to pay extra for a feature that makes the camera bigger and heavier. Even though the tilting LCD can be a useful tool for composing photos.

Which is why Olympus offers the PM2, right? Why would someone complain about a company offering choice?

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