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Re: F900EXR

bazzap101 wrote:

FWIW, the only Fuji that I have had that I did not like was the X-S1. Bought 2nd hand, it was a real POS. Erratic inconsistent AF, droopy lens and "squiggle marks" appeared on the EVF. Flogged it off on Ebay for half what I paid. That said, it was also the best handling Fuji that I have owned and would buy an upgraded model if Fuji ever releases one. In the meantime my S100Fs and 2 S200EXR's are working fine.

That's a very impressive collection ... thousands of dollars invested and not one sensor above 2/3" ... and that one is old.

I just sold off my collection of long zooms and my Nikon dSLR stuff to finance a switch to m4/3. The IQ is equivalent to APS-C from a few years ago and the ergonomics and AF performance are far above P&S cams.

That said, I also rebought into the long zooms as I needed a concert cam. The smallest m4/3 is still just a bit too big to sneak into most places. So the F770EXR is my new concert cam.

My problem with large collections of small sensors is that there is so much more available for less money. A Panasonic G3 plus used 14-140 is about the same price as any two of the bridge cams you own and stomps them all into dust. That's what has always stopped me from buying bridge ... all the size with less than half the performance for the  most part.

Of course, the act of collecting itself is not to be overlooked. But if you collection expands on a unceasing search for better ergonomics and IQ, then you are not getting anywhere near the value you should be ...

Anyway, it's still an impressive looking collection. Quite beautiful ... and I agree, Fuji loves you.

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