What can't the Olympus OM-D Em5 do as well as a DSLR/SLT camera?

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I've used a lot of different gear over the years

From Nikon's top of the line stuff to the OMD.  There are 3 things that the OMD, or any other m43 body, suffers from.  (1) Shooting fast moving subjects that are fairly close to you and are moving towards or away from you.  In that instance the CAF may not be able to keep up.  Also included in this is sometimes a difficulty to focus on birds in flight.  This doesn't mean you can't do these things, just that its harder to do than with a good DSLR.

Second, limiting your depth of field can be harder to do because of the smaller sensor.  You can still blur backgrounds, its just not as easy to do.

Third, really high ISO shots will display more noise than with bigger sensor cameras.

All other complaints about the OMD are simply a matter of personal preference.  Let me say that again, all other complaints about the OMD are simply a matter of personal preference.  Personally I think a lot of them are utter BS, but to each person different things are a big deal.

You will see complaints that the buttons are too small, or the power switch is in thew wrong place, or the menus are confusing.  Many of these complaints are simply a matter of what the reviewer is used to.  These aren't flaws necessarily, but a reflection of the user/reviewer.

You will see opinions that real photographers don't use micro 43, or that it isn't pro enough.  But there are no lack of users who use the OMD or have sold extremely high end Canon or Nikon stuff so that they can solely use the OMD.

You will see people arguing that there are no real size or weight advantages to the OMD and or m43.  I've carried a Nikon D2X and f2.8 lenses (or other similar gear) a lot of places - up mountains and into canyons.  It can make a big difference.  It can also make a difference when you are cramming things into a baby stroller.

This doesn't mean that the OMD is magical, or the best camera for everyone.  Each person has different needs and preferences.  Those personal preferences should dictate what that person buys and uses.  This doesn't mean that the cameras that weren't chosen are bad or flawed, just that they don't fit that particular need.

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