What can't the Olympus OM-D Em5 do as well as a DSLR/SLT camera?

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Re: What can't the Olympus OM-D Em5 do as well as a DSLR/SLT camera?

peevee1 wrote:

Kim Flowers wrote:

Good to know that it has all the manual capabilities of a DSLR.

Actually, cheap DSLRs (like Nikon D3200, D5200, Canon Rebels) have LESS manual capabilities compared to OM-D E-M5. Basically, they have only one control dial (E-M5 has 2), so you cannot adjust shutter speed and exposure compensation at the same time in S (Canon't Tv) mode, or aperture and exposure compensation at the same time in A (Av) mode, and Manual mode is almost impossibility unless you have a lot of time for each shot to change modes and adjust settings (no quick shooting there).

Also, I have not seen them being able to adjust curves as easily as E-M5 which uses the same 2 dials for that.

Also, in terms if IQ, Canon APS-C DSLRs and Sony APS-C DSLTs produce WORSE noise in RAW than E-M5. Nikon APS-C DSLRs with the latest Sony and Toshiba sensors are a little better in RAW, but totally useless for JPEG shooters, producing ugly colors and yellow splotches.

Olympus is good both in RAW and JPEG.

Kim, be very careful reading meaning into what we're saying.  I said:

"the EM5 competes closely with top-level enthusiast DSLRs like the D7000 directly in terms of configurability and direct manual settings, as well as single shot AF and image stabilization, but entry level DSLRs can beat it in the grab shot and in bang for buck."

That doesn't imply that ALL DSLRs have full manual controls. But all DSLRs have fast, predictive PDAF.

And yes, it is correct that the EM5 bests Canon, but Canon is noticeably behind the quality level of the manufacturers using Sony EXMOR technology (Sony, Pentax, Nikon).  It's on a par or only slightly behind that of Nikon's EXMOR.

Ugly colors and yellow splotches? Huh? I shoot Nikon...I've never seen yellow splotches...evidence, please.

Careful when you're talking JPG OOC.  Nikon doesn't make impressive OOC JPGs at default settings; they tend to be soft and flatly rendered.  But this makes for more post-processing latitude, and you can tune any of these cameras anyway you like.  However, Nikon cameras are at their best when shot in RAW mode and post-processed.  Oly is famous for producing very pleasing OOC JPGs at default settings, but not necessarily the most accurate ones.  Sony is known for overcooking the noise reduction and goosing the contrast/sharpening. And so it goes.

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