[Mod edit: NSFW] What kind of camera settings and lighting??

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Re: What kind of camera settings and lighting??

Personally, I think this is the best advice.  My belief is that it's a common beginner foible to look for "magic settings".  You often hear "what's the best setting for sports".  What sport?  Badminton or F1 Racing?  If you find out the exact settings from each of those photos without an understanding of the how and why, you will likely be disappointed when you fail to achieve that same effect with the same settings.

Some simple looking dramatic lighting is simple, but often is much more complex than you would at first imagine.

The answer isn't a recipe but an understanding of light.


lnguyenh wrote:

loonybratt wrote:

Great video. Still wondering what could be the camera setting she used.

To start with, do you think the iso should be higher than 400??

Anyway thank you somuch for the help.. I'll give it a try.

Try to look at the problem and find solutions yourself. It is not a matter of what fstop, what shutter speed, what iso, Annie Leibovitz is using.

Make a similar setup, make an exposure without flash. Check how the background lights turn out. Adjust the iso and other settings according to what you want to achieve and your particular situation.

Then add the flash and get the exposure on the subject that you are looking for.

Try to understand how it works. It is more important than knowing what settings was used for a particular photo. Better to understand how and why.

http://strobist.blogspot.se/2010/06/softlighter-too.html . I can definitely recommend to read all the site, in particular lighting 101, 102, and the "on assignments" (Thank you David Hobby).

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