Canon CEO: Semi-Pro APSC DSLRs are following the Dodo ...

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Re: Canon CEO: Semi-Pro APSC DSLRs are following the Dodo ...

Jim in Hudson wrote:

PK24X36NOW wrote:

Confused of Malvern wrote:


Canon 6D £1,649

Pentax K5II £799

I think there is still a place in the market for really good APS-C cameras like the K5

Try a meaningful comparison - the K5 introductory price was $1,750 vs. $2,100 for the 6D (just introduced). Comparing a newly introduced camera with a model whose price has fallen to "giving them away to get rid of them" prices is hardly meaningful.

You can buy a K-5 II on Amazon's UK websiite for less than the price stated above. Wasn't the 6D announced before the K-5 II? BTW, the 6D is now under GBP 1500 but is still 2X the Pentax price (body only in each case).

The K-5II is just a retread, not an all-new model, still not a meaningful comparison. The MSRP is $1350 vs. $2,099 for the 6D, hardly double. You're assuming that they will sell an all new body (when they actually bring one out) at similar prices.

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