D300 iso 6400

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Re: D300 iso 6400

John Szeto wrote:

Most good stacking software has alignment process, so images can be taken handheld.

I haves used Photoshop CS6, Photo Acute, Oloneo Photo Engone, Photomatix and Arcsoft Lowlight NR. They all have good alignment for handheld shots and work to varying degrees.

Where you don't have a tripod and need high iso in lowlight situations, it's good to know you can fire off five of six quick shots and combine them later with software that is made for this purpose. It takes the D300 into new territory.

I just don't think folks should get the wrong idea that stacking multiple hand-held high ISO shots is any reasonable substitute for a tripod and a longer shutter speed at base ISO.  It's not.  It's a stop-gap only when you weren't properly prepared to take the better image with a tripod.

A much higher quality image will be produced with proper preparation, a tripod, mirror lock, base ISO and a longer shutter speed.

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