Obama's statements on gun control..

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Re: What is Obama talking about?

Chato wrote:

Don_D wrote:

Chato wrote:

There is not now, and there never was a "Constitutional Right to Hunt."

Mr. Obama seems to believe that the Second Amendment is all about the right to blow away Bambi.

Obama's statement didn't refer to the Constitution, but to a long standing tradition of hunting in the US.... and many hunters eat the game that they have "harvested".

The deer are beautiful animals but they are coming through my property every day in groups, eating all flowers, shrubs and saplings. They have few natural enemies and are multiplying every year. Each deer carry hundreds if not thousands of deer ticks that carry Lyme disease (which I've been treated for on two separate occasions). They are also hazardous to cars as they jump out onto the roads with little warning causing accidents.

I've had it with Bambi.

If he's not talking about the Second Amendment, then what the hell was he talking about?

Obama doesn't want to take away your second amendment rights.  Relax....

It's a "well regulated" militia, remember? ...no shoulder fired Stingers and no machine guns, but assault rifles are still going to be allowed.

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