Will there be another mirrorless K-mount body?

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Re: Will there be another mirrorless K-mount body?

SRT201 wrote:


The market has spoken - at a more affordable price, the K-01 rockets to the top of the charts to become Amazon #1 best-seller. And after-sale, most who buy it enjoy owning/using it. It may actually even be Pentax' best-selling camera outside of Japan for the one month of December, maybe even January too.

So Pentax got the product right, but the market wrong. Considering a major point of dispensing with the prism/mirror is cheaper production costs, you have to question their thinking behind pricing it as high as they did at launch. Maybe they got caught up in the arty Newson design aspect of it and lost sight of where they should really be aiming it.

Anyway, if they don't release a K-02 successor immediately to capitalize on what they should have learned in the past two months about the K-01, then they will eventually 10 years from now when it's too late after the big two/three have inevitably released their own successful versions. A bit like the FF, Pentax early to the party but not knowing what to do with it and so just dumping the whole idea as unworkable only to watch on as the latecomer competition run away with the market with the exact same product.

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