Is there a mode that lets me set P and A?

Started Feb 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Is there a mode that lets me set P and A?

The Sony A99 is the only Sony camera that currently offers auto ISO in manual.After many years of Sony alpha forum members requesting this feature their request was finally answered.IMO,it is a great feature on my A99.I don't use it often,but does come in quite handy for burst shooting.The A99 also allows for exposure compensation in this mode also,so you can fine tune exposure if you don't like how the camera is metering.This is similar to Nikons' implementation of auto ISO in manual.The 5d mark III also has auto ISO in manual mode but it is handcuffed somewhat.Shutter speed is limited to 1/250th of a second and slower,and there is no exposure compensation allowed.As others have said,Pentax also has this feature.I'm sure other cameras also allow for auto ISO in manual mode.

Hopefully,Sony will add this feature to the NEX-7 replacement.They could probably add it to existing cameras via firmware,but I wouldn't hold my breath.I personally think it's a great feature and would welcome it in NEX cameras.


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