Canon CEO: Semi-Pro APSC DSLRs are following the Dodo ...

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Re: Canon CEO: Semi-Pro APSC DSLRs are following the Dodo ...

I've read most of the comments here with interest.  I agree with Thom Hogan when he states that DX is not going to go away anytime soon.  In Canon's case is all they have is a hammer everything starts looking like a nail.

It really comes down to market segmentation.  Pretty standard business strategy.  Canon needs a DX or equivalent sensor camera.  It may well end up being mirrorless and it may have other characteristics added over time.  But they will need it as the market is there and they have nothing (serious) other than a DX size to address it.  The same with Nikon.  DX is pretty much here to stay.  BUT it makes good sense to tell the market to go to FF.  Canon and Nikon make more money that way.  But the key buying characteristics regarding camera's are fairly clear (not in any order):

1. Size and weight matter all things being equal.

2. Price matters

3. IQ matters.

4. Performance matters

5. Features matter

Most consumers will attempt to optimize these characteristics (but I admit that there may be others like haptics and brand familiarity).  The priority and constraints will differ from consumer to consumer but they will enter into the buying decision.  Now with that said here is a typical scenario for argument sake:

a 6D with a 24-70 F4 will weigh 1370g and cost $3099.

a 7D with a 17-55 f2.8 will weigh 1565 g and cost $2598

a K5II with a 16-50 f2.8 will  weigh 1350g and cost $2348

an OMD with a 12-35 f2.8 Panny will weigh 730 g and cost $2248

IQ of the 6d is better than the K5II is better than the OMD is better than the 7D (Say by DXO)

Features of the 7D are better than the 6D are better than the K5II are better than the OMD.(by my ranking and really the difference between them I judge as fairly slight - your features ranking may differ)

Performance for me would be a wash as all three cameras would meet my intended needs and wants.

If the DX cameras are taken out then Canon will be selling its 6D against the OMD like cameras.  For most the IQ difference is not that significant to overcome the other characteristics like weight and cost.  So the consumer buys the OMD.  If DX is in the mix then the only advantage above it is  IQ against cost and below is weight. I'd buy the DX as the weight and slight cost advantage doesn't overcome my perception of the other factors of the K5 or 7D.

While this is a snapshot I expect that while cost and performance goes up the market segmentation will remain the same.  So clearly the manufacturers need the DX format.  It is not in any imminent demise.

As for Pentax I wouldn't mind if they had a FF.  But I would think a good healthy DX offering would be more fruitful for us and them.  Particularly if Canon or Nikon continue slightly ignoring the market segment.

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