Panny 7-14 vs ZD 7-14, anyone have experience with both?

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Re: Panny 7-14 vs ZD 7-14, anyone have experience with both?

acahaya wrote:

I own both but rarely use the FT version on the E-M5, even in bad weather because the front lens of my FT 7-14 magically attracts raindrops

The FT version will create the same amount of flare but it looks better (less purple). I did a short test last week and posted results (text only) in one of the purple haze threads. Bottom line is that i took lots of images with CA and flare but never managed to get that ugly blotch like purple haze with both lenses (also compared the FT 9-18, fish, 12-60 and the mFT 12mm and 12-50. AF is accurate but slow. Still usable though.

I changed my mFt 9-18 for the mFT 7-14 because i missed the 2mm wide open and the FT 7-14 is too big and heavy, i.e. special purpose only. The mFT 7-14 at least fits into my mFT bag.

For shooting in wet conditions i'd probably prefer one of the 9-18 lenses with a lens hood because the front lens is better protected against raindrops.


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Err the 9-18's aren't weather sealed ... are you just planning on tossing them away or replacing the camera with another purchase?

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