Time lag on fully manual settings on OMD

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Re: Time lag on fully manual settings on OMD

rrr_hhh wrote:

Sup Mylo wrote:

Does anyone know why is there a time lag between pressing the button and taking the photo when everything is set to manual (focus & exposure) on the OMD EM5. Shouldn't it take immediately?


2) what you note may be the difference between an optical VF and an E-VF : with fast action, if you trigger the shutter when you view the peak of action in the VF, the peak is already gone in real life. You have to anticipate the peak of action and trigger the shutter a little earlier with an E-VF camera, but it should be exactly the same whether you are using AF or MF.

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Interesting this is the first I see someone mention this. Though I don't see it as impossible, the VF puts out 60fps as opposed to 30 on other systems so the lag would barely be observed if at all. Alternatively EVF high fps would completely remove this since the output would be 120fps.

At 120hz the minimum required millisecond response time would be 8ms. Using high fps mode of 240hz the minimum response time would be 4ms. That's extremely fast.

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