Worth keeping Nikon D300? Trade in?

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Re: Worth keeping Nikon D300? Trade in?

joeybob wrote:

As stated above - the asking prices of used D300 seem to be somewhere around $600.00...

You have 2 options (IMHO):

1 Sell now and get what you can.

2 Wait and get less and use as a backup.

IF (big if) Nikon comes to market with a D400 the used values of D300/D300s will most likely plummet even further. Additionally, IF Nikon produces both a D7000 AND a D300s replacement well, the bottom falls out even harder on the used values of D300/s.

The latest rumors seem to indicate that a D7000 replacement will be coming out soon. That said, now would be the time to act. Unfortunately, it seems as if there are quite a bit of used D300's in the market right now.

...tick tock

Yep... I'm very aware of this... given the uncertainty of a direct D300/D300s replacement and the fact that I have one more major photo event in March, I'll think I'll wait until then to decide, and for now, will just use my D300 as a backup.

I've been using a Fuji XE1 as a second camera for candid shots and it works pretty well. It's not as fast or robust as my D300 of course, but then, it weighs only 1/2 of the Nikon and has a better sensor to boot - almost (but not quite) comparable to my D3s performance.

The only problem with the Fuji is... that it's not Nikon! I have all three DX lens sitting around, and of course, a bunch of Nikkor FX lens, flashes, PocketWizards, etc. all for the Nikon system. If the Nikon 1 system had been more like Fuji's, I wouldn't have even bothered with the Fuji in the first place.

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